Senior Manager Latin America

Juan Pablo Castro

Juan Pablo Castro is Senior Manager Latin America at Climate Focus and runs the Climate Focus office in Colombia. His role is to promote and implement low carbon development strategies in Latin America and the Caribbean.

He has a wealth of experience in greenhouse gas emission reduction projects, programs and policies, and carbon asset management. He provides advisory to public entities, NGOs, foundations, private companies and financial institutions on technical, policy, and business aspects of climate change. Juan Pablo has significant cross-sectoral experience in the region and has worked on numerous initiatives in sustainable land use and REDD+, renewable energy, energy efficiency, and waste management, and is actively engaged in environmental awareness and communication through the arts. Juan Pablo is pragmatic with a keen sense for the organizational and operational complexity of climate change initiatives, and a renowned expert on climate change mitigation. 

Juan Pablo holds BSc degree in political science from Universidad de los Andes (Colombia), a MSc in environmental science and policy from The John Hopkins University (USA), and a MSc in international public management and policy from the Erasmus University Rotterdam (The Netherlands). He is a naturalist who likes biking, walking, hiking, cooking, and listening to music.


Climate Focus: Juan Pablo Castro
Bogotá, Colombia
Carrera 14 #89-48
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