About Climate focus

Climate Focus is a pioneering international advisory company and think tank that provides advice to governments and multilateral organizations, non-governmental and philanthropic organizations, and to companies across the globe. We support our clients with shaping and navigating through international and domestic climate policies, accessing climate finance, and engaging with new climate mechanisms and cooperative approaches.


Highlighted publications

Zero-Deforestation Commodity Supply Chains by 2020: Are we on Track?
This new report provides a background analysis of progress in achieving zero-deforestation commitments in the supply chains of the five main forest-risk agricultural commodities.
Internal Carbon Pricing and Climate Finance Tracking for Banks: Implementation Guidance Report
This report aims to support banks in Turkey in designing their internal carbon pricing and climate finance tracking approaches that can be used for investment decision-making and facilitating finance.
Eliminating tropical forest loss from commodity supply chains: A progress assessment
Two new papers seek to forge a better understanding of the impacts of corporate commitments and what is needed to shape future efforts to eliminate deforestation from commodity supply chains.

Highlighted projects

Drivers and Incentives that Lead Producers to Change Practices to More Sustainable Operations
Climate Focus, on behalf of the Meridian Institute, is working to identify major drivers or incentives that lead producers to change management and production practices to more sustainable operations.
Implementing Article 6 of the Paris Agreement in the Solid Waste Sector in Peru
Climate Focus supports the governments of Perú and the Nordic countries in assessing opportunities for the Peruvian waste sector under Articles 6.2 and 6.4 of the Paris Agreement.
Driving Private Sector Action in the Cocoa & Forests Initiative
Climate Focus and partner Meridian Institute are supporting the World Bank, World Cocoa Foundation, and Cocoa/Chocolate companies as part of the Cocoa and Forests Initiative (CFI).

Highlighted initiatives

Zon in de Stad - Sun in the city
"Seeing is believing" is the idea behind the Sun in the City initiative that encourages city dwellers to power their houses and apartments with solar panels.
PID - Platform of Information and Dialogue for the Colombian Amazon
Climate Focus, together with Fundacion Natura, Red Caquetá Paz and CINDAP, developed and launched a Platform of Information and Dialogue for the Colombian Amazon (PID) which was launched in 2016.
NYDF Progress Assessment
Climate Focus annually leads a network of civil society groups and research institutions in undertaking a progress assessment towards the 10 goals formulated by the New York Declaration of Forests.


02 October 2018
An alliance of forward-looking companies and hospitals, which serve 60 million meals annually, committed to reducing their food-related greenhouse gas emissions by 25% by 2030.
21 September 2018
New global assessment finds political will and company pledges are insufficient to curb tropical deforestation; deforestation remains at record highs.
30 July 2018
Climate Focus is pleased to announce new analysis prepared with IUCN on increasing ambition and action on NDCs through forest landscape restoration (FLR).
09 July 2018
The Rotterdam alderman for energy transition has launched a campaign for more solar roofs in the city by installing the first solar shield in Rotterdam.
04 July 2018
Germany's University of Potsdam appointed Climate Focus co-founder Charlotte Streck as honorary professor at the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences where she has been lecturing since 2014.
11 June 2018
Dr Charlotte Streck will give a lecture on the development of international climate law from Kyoto to Paris at the University of Bremen, Germany, on 14 June at 4pm.