About Climate focus

Climate Focus is a pioneering international advisory company and think tank that provides advice to governments and multilateral organizations, non-governmental and philanthropic organizations, and to companies across the globe. We support our clients with shaping and navigating through international and domestic climate policies, accessing climate finance, and engaging with new climate mechanisms and cooperative approaches.


Highlighted publications

Landscape of Article 6 Pilots – A closer look at initial cooperative approaches
This study maps Article 6 pilots and provides a first comprehensive look at the landscape of initial cooperative approaches worldwide.
NYDF 2019 Progress Report: Protecting and Restoring Forests
5 YEAR NYDF ASSESSMENT: Commitments to save forests have not translated to real progress - 26 million hectares of forest are lost every year, and not nearly enough natural forests are being restored.
Should forest carbon credits be included in offsetting schemes such as CORSIA?
This paper seeks to fill a gap in analysis by providing an up-to-date comparison of the quality of forest-related GHG units against other types of units.

Highlighted projects

Sun in the City
Seeing is believing: that’s the idea behind our Sun in the City initiative (“Zon in de Stad” in Dutch) that encourages city dwellers to power their houses and apartments by solar panels.
Driving Private Sector Action in the Cocoa & Forests Initiative
Climate Focus and partner Meridian Institute are supporting the World Bank, World Cocoa Foundation, and Cocoa/Chocolate companies as part of the Cocoa and Forests Initiative (CFI).
Enhancing Attractiveness of Climate-Smart Agriculture (CSA) Investments in Kenya
Climate Focus collaborated with SNV and UNIQUE to increase the volume of private capital deployed in Climate-Smart Agriculture (CSA) ventures.

Highlighted initiatives

Zon in de Stad - Sun in the city
"Seeing is believing" is the idea behind the Sun in the City initiative that encourages city dwellers to power their houses and apartments with solar panels.
NYDF Progress Assessment
Climate Focus annually leads a network of civil society groups and research institutions in undertaking a progress assessment towards the 10 goals formulated by the New York Declaration of Forests.
  Rotterdamse Klimaatoproep – Rotterdam Climate Call for Action
Dozens of Rotterdam-based companies and organisations have joined forces to accelerate the leap to a low carbon economy in Europe’s largest port city.


13 September 2019
Global progress on reducing deforestation and restoring natural forests has not kept pace with the scale of commitments and the need for climate mitigation.
12 September 2019
Leading NGOs call on companies to follow the Accountability Framework to end ecosystem destruction and human rights violations in the production and trade of beef, palm oil, pulp, timber and soy.
14 August 2019
Food production and climate protection are indispensable livelihoods and non-negotiable, we must reconcile both. An Op-Ed by Climate Focus Director Charlotte Streck for Swiss newspaper of record NZZ.
07 August 2019
As part of the "Sun in the City" initiative a new a mobile pavilion with solar panels provides free energy to passersby in Rotterdam who need to charge their phones or plug in their laptops.
23 July 2019
The time for timidity has passed; politicians must dare to make polluters pay as part of a vision for a healthier future, writes Climate Focus' Darragh Conway in an Op-Ed for Climate Home News.
19 July 2019
Travel more wisely, pick a train and clean up air travel emissions: Climate Focus is committing to minimising the impacts of our travel. And we seek to mobilise our partners and clients to join us.