About Climate focus

Climate Focus is a pioneering international advisory company and think tank that provides advice to governments and multilateral organizations, non-governmental and philanthropic organizations, and to companies across the globe. We support our clients with shaping and navigating through international and domestic climate policies, accessing climate finance, and engaging with new climate mechanisms and cooperative approaches.


Highlighted publications

The New Climate Focus Cookbook
Due to the coronavirus crisis our daily routines are on halt as we all need to stay at home. We hope this book can help you cook healthy meals, give you inspiration, and a sense of being connected.
2020 NYDF Progress Assessment Report: Balancing forests and development
The 2020 NYDF Progress Assessment report focuses on the complimentary Goals 3 and 4: Reducing deforestation from large-scale infrastructure and extractive industries as well as driven by basic needs.
Article 6 Piloting: State of Play and Stakeholder Experiences
This report is the 3rd edition of a series that started in 2019. It provides an updated overview of all aspects related to piloting and operationalisation of Article 6 of the Paris Agreement .

Highlighted projects

Considering Food Systems in Nationally Determined Contributions
Climate Focus, on behalf of WWF, is developing guidance for governments on how to enhance food systems and leverage their associated mitigation and adaptation opportunities under the Paris Agreement.
Climate Finance Innovators – Linking carbon markets with climate finance in Africa
Climate Finance Innovators develops scalable climate financing models in Ethiopia, Senegal and Uganda and links them with market mechanisms under the Paris Agreement and the Green Climate Fund.
Barriers and opportunities in implementing zero-deforestation commitments in Colombia
Climate Focus, in partnership with Solidaridad, is supporting Colombian companies in implementing zero-deforestation strategies to their operations in palm oil, cocoa, beef and dairy supply chains.

Highlighted initiatives

PID Amazonía
The Platform for Information and Dialogue in the Colombian Amazon was launched by Climate Focus, together with Red Caquetá Paz, CINDAP, Fundacion Natura and Akorde to promote forest conservation.
NYDF Progress Assessment
Climate Focus annually leads a network of civil society groups and research institutions in undertaking a progress assessment towards the 10 goals formulated by the New York Declaration of Forests.
The West African Alliance on Carbon Markets and Climate Finance
The West African Alliance on Carbon Markets and Climate Finance was launched to promote sub-regional cooperation and build institutional capacity for long-term engagement under the Paris Agreement.


11 November 2020
Climate Focus is seeking a Sustainable Land Use intern to join its team in Washington, DC. Advanced grad students and recent graduates are both encouraged to apply.
01 November 2020
In part 10 of the “Shades of REDD+“ series, Charlotte Streck discusses leakage – one of the most controversial and (maybe?) misunderstood issues around REDD+ implementation.
28 October 2020
Climate Focus is co-hosting a session at this year's GLF Biodiversity Digital Conference in which a panel of experts will discuss some of the key findings of the 2020 NYDF Progress Assessment.
04 October 2020
Climate Focus Co-Director Charlotte Streck will be on the “Tech vs. Nature: The Carbon Neutrality Paradigm” panel at the Start Up Energy Transition (SET) Week from 19-22 October 2020.
08 September 2020
The Alliance adopted an ambitious approach to compensate for the ecological and social impact of its travel emissions, aiming at carbon neutrality and offsetting the real costs of flight emissions.
04 September 2020
While many tropical forest countries have strengthened their legal frameworks over the past decade, improvements in law enforcement have lagged behind. Find out more in this Chatham House article.