Office Manager

Gmerice Thames

Gmerice has over a decade of administrative and management experience in both the public and private sector. Prior to joining the Climate Focus team, she worked in mental health for several years, then transitioned to property management. Upon discovering that she lacked passion for that industry, she decided to move on to a company with a mission she truly believes in.

In addition to being a full-time human and dog mother, she has a lifelong passion for the performing arts, with many years’ experience onstage as an actress, dancer and singer. She is the lead vocalist in a hip-hop fusion band that has been performing locally since 2010 and was awarded a Maryland Music Award in 2016. In addition to her love for music of all genres, she is a travel, international cuisine and wine enthusiast who truly enjoys communicating with people from all over the world. Gmerice received her BA in Mass Communication from Towson University.

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