VCM Global Dialogue Vision and Action Agenda

The voluntary carbon market can play an important role in facilitating the transition towards a sustainable future. By driving finance to climate mitigation activities in developing countries, it can increase these countries’ climate ambitions and help them reach their mitigation and sustainable development targets. The Voluntary Carbon Markets Global Dialogue presents a Vision and Action Agenda with six action points to maximize the contribution of the voluntary carbon market to ambitious climate action. The main action point encourages governments to start actively engaging with the voluntary carbon market, which will enable them to tap into additional greenhouse gas mitigation, and steer investments into priority sectors. It further sheds light on the ongoing discussion on accounting of emission reductions in the voluntary carbon market and under the Paris Agreement.

The VCM Global Dialogue Vision and Action Agenda action points follow from an extensive consultation process with supply-side stakeholders in the Asia-Pacific region, Africa and Latin America. The Vision and Action Agenda of the VCM Global Dialogue have been coordinated and developed by Climate Focus, the Indonesian Research Institute for Decarbonisation (IRID), SouthSouthNorth (SSN) and Transforma, and has been supported by Verra.