Understanding the Relationship between Biodiversity, Carbon, Forests and People: The Key to Achieving REDD+ objectives

Charlotte Streck contributed as lead author to Chapter 5 of the Global Assessment on Biodiversity, Forest Management, and REDD+ which will officially be launched at Forest Day 6 in Doha, Qatar, in December 2012. The report is a comprehensive scientific assessment about the linkages between biodiversity and potential REDD+ activities in the context of sustainable forest management practices.  The assessment report aims to provide policymakers, investors and donors with a stronger scientific basis for their decisions about REDD+ policies and projects.  To this end, the Global Forest Expert Panel (GFEP) established the “Expert Panel on Biodiversity, Forest Management, and REDD+” in December 2011. The goal of the expert panel is to provide a comprehensive assessment of scientific knowledge regarding the relationship between biodiversity, forest management, and REDD+.