Towards Building a Governance Framework for REDD+ Financing

Climate Focus through the USAID-funded LEAF project has contributed a background paper on REDD+ finance for a REDD+ stakeholder consultation workshop in Panama on 2 October, 2011, sponsored by CMIA, the Ateneo School for Government, and the Swiss development cooperation Helvetas. The workshop forms part of the project ‘Towards a Governance Framework for REDD+ Financing’, a joint initiative between the Government of the Philippines and Switzerland, represented by the Climate Change Commission and the Confederation Suisse. The sponsors hope to bring together different REDD+ stakeholders, including negotiators, private sector, and non-governmental organizations to discuss:

  1. current state of REDD+ financing;
  2. present case studies on forest governance with special attention to finance; and
  3. potential elements of a governance framework for REDD+ financing.