Three Tools to Unlock Finance for Land-Use Mitigation and Adaptation

Limited understanding of investments in land use mitigation and adaptation inhibits the design of efficient and effective public interventions. In many cases, we do not know how much finance is being channeled to the land-use sector, how it is being delivered, what is being paid for and by whom. Nor do we fully understand the proportion of finance going towards green versus BAU activities or the opportunities that may exist to address barriers, or create incentives to shift land use activities towards greener outcomes. In this joint study supported by the EU REDD Facility of the European Forest Institute, Climate Focus and Climate Policy Initiative have developed three tools that address these issues. Governments and their partners can use them to:

  • Inform the design of land use mitigation and adaptation strategies supported by multilateral and bilateral programs
  • Identify domestic and international financial instruments to redirect public and private finance towards greener land-use practices
  • Encourage coordination between public instruments across land-use sectors.

The tools cover national and international, public and private finance, across a full range of land-use activities.

The executive summary is available in English and Spanish. These and additional resources are available here and on Climate Policy Initiative’s website.

Climate Focus and Climate Policy Initiative are now actively engaging country partners interested in trialing some of these approaches with the aim to publish case studies, initially for two countries, within the next year.