Above and Beyond: An SBTI Report on the Design and Implementation of Beyond Value Chain Mitigation (BVCM)

“Beyond Value Chain Mitigation” (BVCM) is defined by our partners at the Science Based Targets Initiative as “mitigation action or investments that fall outside a company’s value chain, including activities that avoid or reduce greenhouse gas (GHG), or remove and store GHGs from the atmosphere.”

BVCM occurs outside of company value chains and therefore does not reduce companies’ scope 1, 2 or 3 emissions. However, it plays an important role in allowing companies to help accelerate the global net-zero transformation, by enabling other economic and social actors to avoid, reduce or remove (GHG) emissions. Efforts to deliver BVCM must not replace or delay 1.5°C-aligned corporate value chain decarbonization.

Climate Focus recently partnered with SBTI on the creation of a new report to support the design and implementation BVCM strategies and mobilize increased action from corporations.

“Above and Beyond: An SBTI Report on the Design and Implementation of Beyond Value Chain Mitigation” provides suggestions to support companies in the design and implementation of BVCM strategies to accelerate progress towards global net-zero.

The report explores the business case for companies to adopt BVCM, and describes the suggested steps involved in making a BVCM pledge. It also provides illustrative examples to show how companies in a range of sectors might implement BVCM in line with the suggestions provided.

If you would like to submit a short quote of endorsement on the SBTi’s new BVCM reports released in February 2024, you can do so by completing this short form.