Safeguards in Bilateral REDD+ Finance

This report is the second and final installment in a series related to the implementation of safeguards in bilateral agreements. Given that much of the finance for REDD-related initiatives pledged so far has come from bilateral donors, this document is a compilation of papers focused on these donors and their implementation of REDD+ safeguards. This report addresses three key issues:

  1. REDD+ safeguards and results-based payments;
  2. Monitoring and Evaluation of REDD+ Safeguard implementation; and
  3. REDD+ safeguards and donor coordination.

The first report in this series, Safeguards for REDD+ from a Donor Perspective, was published in October 2013 and provided an overview on the different safeguard approaches that bilateral donors currently apply, their applicability to various financing modalities, their legal status and scope, and their relevance in the funding cycle.