Results-based Finance for REDD+: Emerging Approaches

Results-based finance for REDD+ is an innovative approach toward development assistance that conditions payments on emission reductions from forests. Rather than financing specific actions that lead to emission reductions, e.g. measures to protect forests, RBF provides an ex-post reward and therefore incentivizes a REDD+ country to take these actions

In this brief, experts aim to shed light on the current landscape of results-based REDD+ finance. The brief provides an overview of concepts, rationales and key features. It also provides a timely addition to the discussion of challenges posed by climate change from the perspective of recipient and donor countries as well as summarize the first of a series of studies commissioned by KfW and prepared by Climate Focus. It was published as the 7th REDD+ Expert Dialogue of the REDD Programm for Early Movers implemented bz KfW.