New toolkit of good practices and resources for food system transformation

Overwhelming scientific evidence indicates that nothing other than the widespread transformation of food and agriculture systems is required to achieve the global climate change goals set forth in the Paris Agreement. Urgent action towards sustainable, productive, and equitable food systems is more important than ever.  

In collaboration with a group of organizations convened by the COP28 UAE Presidency, Climate Focus developed the COP28 Agriculture, Food and Climate Action Toolkit to help fill the need for a consolidated resource, building on existing initiatives and tools. The report serves as a tangible, unified resource for policymakers that want to accelerate food and agriculture system transformation for climate action. 

The resource summarizes and overviews:  

  • Priority actions based on existing efforts that governments should consider in raising their NDC and NAP ambition through agriculture and food system measures
  • Good examples of NDCs and NAPs in their integration of agriculture and food system measures and of projects and programs in agriculture and food systems that support the implementation of NDCs and NAPs
  • Existing initiatives, platforms, and tools that can help governments in developing and implementing agriculture and food system policy measures as part of their NDCs and NAP 

Climate Focus developed the toolkit in collaboration with WWF, the Global Alliance for the Future of Food, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, NDC Partnership, CGIAR, and Alliance Bioversity and CIAT.