The New Climate Focus Cookbook

When we published this cookbook in November of last year, it was intended as a gift for friends, clients, and partners, but also as a source of motivation to break old habits and make more plant-based meals for all occasions as this is one of the easiest ways to take climate action every day.

The current coronavirus crisis and all measures necessary to contain it has made us question our everyday practices on many levels. Our daily habits and routines are on halt as we must stay home as much as possible. This also means we cannot go out for meals with friends and family but need to cook ourselves and eat at home.

The recipes in this cookbook were provided by all members of our staff, that come from all over the world. They are mostly plant-based (with a couple of options for pescatarians), climate-friendly, and easy and fast to prepare.

We hope our cookbook can help you cook many healthy meals in the weeks to come, give you lots of inspiration, and a sense of being connected.