National REDD+ Registries – An Overview of Issues and Design Options

The National REDD+ Registries Report was commissioned by kfW Bankengruppe, on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, and was prepared in collaboration with Markit.

It provides an analysis of options for national REDD+ registries with the objectives to i) clarify the rationale, function, and operations of a national REDD+ registry; ii) identify design options for a REDD+ registry and, iii) contribute to knowledge around the integration of subnational emission reduction programs within national approaches to meet the needs of REDD+ countries, investors, donors, and financers. The report discusses general non-market approaches to REDD+ along with more detailed discussions based on the assumption of market-based funding, the linkage of mechanisms, and the entity-level trading of REDD+ units.