Modalities for REDD+ Reference Levels: Technical and Procedural issues

Looking toward the 17th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP) in Durban, South Africa, the Government of Norway commissioned Meridian Institute to undertake a new options assessment effort focusing on modalities for REDD+ reference levels. This project follows on two previous Norway-sponsored activities (REDD-OAR and REDD+ IOA). Meridian Institute will be convening and facilitating a group of independent, international expert authors to provide an objective assessment of the key technical and procedural issues related to the development of modalities for REDD+ reference levels in the first report, followed by an options assessment of how these modalities might be pursued. Meridian will also be designing and facilitating electronic and group consultations, as well as side event and briefing activities at the UNFCCC conferences.

The phase one report, “Modalities for REDD+ Reference Levels: Technical and Procedural Issues,” is to be delivered at the UN Climate Change Conference in June 2011 in Bonn, Germany. The second report will be delivered at the COP-17 in Durban.