Landscape of Article 6 Pilots – A closer look at initial cooperative approaches

This study, commissioned by the Nordic Initiative for Cooperative Approaches (NICA), maps Article 6 pilots and provides a first comprehensive look at the landscape of initial cooperative approaches worldwide. The objective is to illustrate and assess emerging initiatives intending to be recognized under Article 6, as well as existing activities with a cooperative structure suitable for the Article 6 market approaches.

Existing market readiness initiatives that seek to enhance the capacities of countries and set the stage for international cooperation for post-2020 carbon markets, as well as those outside of the UNFCCC such as CORSIA, are also considered. Countries and initiatives have the option to make use of the decentralized cooperative approaches under Article 6.2, a centralized market mechanism under Article 6.4, and the non-market-based approaches under Article 6.8.

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