Guide to Communicating Carbon Pricing

Effective communications are integral to designing and implementing a carbon price. They provide the means for building acceptance internally across government and externally with key stakeholders and the wider public. This shared understanding and acceptance is essential for building a robust policy that can be sustained through electoral and economic cycles.

The Guide to Communicating Carbon Pricing, co-authored by George Marshall (Climate Outreach) and Darragh Conway (Climate Focus) for the Partnership for Market Readiness (PMR) and the Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition (CPLC) provides guidance on designing and implementing effective carbon pricing communications strategies.

Key findings of the report include:

  • Incorporating communications throughout the design of a carbon pricing policy.
  • Good communications require a good policy. Communications cannot be used as window-dressing to a badly designed carbon pricing scheme.
  • Visible use of carbon price revenues is often key to a successful communications design.
  • Emphasizing non-climate benefits may be preferable to focusing on climate change.
  • Good communications are built around values.
  • Trust is critical.

Download the complete guide and two briefing notes here.

In a webinar, held on 29 January 2019, the authors presented their key findings and discussed them with live participants.

Watch the recording of the webinar here.