The Globe Forest Legislation Study

Many tropical forest countries are now ready to begin revising existing legislation and designing new laws and regulations to incorporate national plans to reduce emissions from deforestation and forest degradation (REDD+).

Responding to a critical need for analysis of relevant legal instruments in clear and simple terms to assist in implementing these legislative reforms, GLOBE International has prepared the ‘GLOBE Forest Legislation Study’, which includes detailed studies on REDD+ legal frameworks in Brazil, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Indonesia and Mexico. This study builds on and complements past and ongoing REDD+ reports to date and aims to highlight potential legislative interventions in each of the four countries that would support the implementation of their national REDD+ Strategy. The Executive Summary and comparative overview chapter summarize the different approaches adopted by the four countries to implement REDD+ and provides an overview of legislative reform options. It also identifies areas for potential further research and any potential next steps for political action.