Fostering Climate Action through Trade-Related Policy Instruments Final report: Delivery strategies and support tools

Carbon-intensive and low-carbon goods and services alike are traded across borders in massive numbers daily, and changes in international trade law and policy have the potential to significantly alter the balance of these flows in one way or the other. While much attention has been paid to the potential conflicts and challenges between the two regimes, there is increasing political interest in finding ways in which they can support each other’s objectives and work in complement. Against this background, the project ‘Fostering climate action through trade-related policy instruments’, carried out for the European Commission, DG Climate Action, aimed to identify tangible ways in which the European Union can use trade-related instruments to further the achievement of long-term climate mitigation and adaptation goals. Led by Climate Focus in collaboration with WTI Advisors, Atlas Environmental Law and Ecofys, the project focused on ambitious and innovative strategies to align EU trade and climate objectives that were at the same time realistic and achievable. This report – the third of three project reports – presents the final measures that have been selected based on a three stage consultative process led by the advisory team in close coordination with the EU Commission and other stakeholders from international organizations, civil society and the private sector.

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