Food Forward NDCs: Upcoming guidance to enhance ambition and implementation

At COP28, Climate Focus released a summary of a new, upcoming guidance tool for enhancing food systems measures in countries’ Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs).  

The summary document – Primer: FOOD FORWARD NDCs – reviews the importance of food systems for climate goals, introduces an upcoming guidance tool for policymakers, and outlines how the guidance can contribute to evidence-based policymaking as a simple, easy-to-use resource.  

The NDC Guidance for Agriculture and Food Systems (or, in short, ‘FOOD FORWARD NDCs’) is guidance born out of the need for a consolidated, user-friendly resource to help decision makers in their efforts to urgently transform food systems through national climate plans. The guidance supports policymakers and practitioners in designing and implementing policy measures that enable systemic shifts in food systems to meet NDC targets.  

FOOD FORWARD NDCs  is a collaborative effort led by WWF with advisory support from several experts across food systems intervention areas. As part of the project advisory group, these experts are continuously providing valuable inputs to build and improve the content of the guidance.  

While the advisory group members continue to increase, we are grateful to the contributions of following members: Brent Loken, Shirley Matheson (WWF International), Patty Fong (Global Alliance for the Future of Food), Clementine O’Connor (UNEP), Krystal Nicole Crumpler (FAO), Chiara Villani (Alliance Bioversity-CIAT), Pete Pearson, Jamie Bindon (WWF US), Helena Wright (FAIRR Initiative), John Garcia (Biovision), Carmen Torresle Dezma (UNEP), Amanda McKee (NDC Partnership), Martina Kühner (GIZ), Oliver Oliveros (Agroecology Coalition), William Nelson (WWF Germany), Keenya Hofmaier (FAIRR Initiative), Fernanda Carvalho (WWF International), Abigail Lee (FAIRR Initiative), and Julia Wolf (FAO). 

The primer was developed with WWF