El rol de los bosques en los futuros acuerdos sobre cambio climático: The Role of Forests in a Future Climate Change Agreement

Donna Lee, independent consultant and Senior Advisor for Climate Focus, examines the possible role of REDD+ in the elaboration of a new climate change agreement or arrangement under the Durban Platform for Enhanced Action. The rising global demand for agricultural and other land-based products means that pressures on land are increasingly cross-border, and there is an accelerating expansion of the deforestation frontier. Smart domestic policies are critical to solving the deforestation challenge, and recent private sector interest in “sustainable agriculture” is encouraging. However, global agreements that value standing forests and provide incentives that positively impact land use change decisions can be an equally important tool. This article originally was published in English by the Harvard Project on Climate Agreements; the Spanish translation is supported and published by Climate Focus.

The original English version can be found here.