Developing Cocoa Agroforestry Systems in Ghana and Côte d’Ivoire

This guide provides an overview of recommended steps to implement cocoa agroforestry systems under the Cocoa and Forests Initiative (CFI). Cocoa agroforestry is a prominent strategy in national implementation plans under the CFI. If designed and managed properly, cocoa agroforestry programs can contribute to each of the main pillars of the CFI: forest protection, forest restoration, sustainable production, farmer livelihoods, social inclusion, and community engagement.

Under their CFI Action Plans, private sector actors have committed to implement nearly 400,000 hectares of cocoa agroforestry systems across West Africa. However, these commitments were made prior to the finalization of relevant national regulations and definitions of approved cocoa agroforestry definitions, models, and standards. Recognizing this gap, this guide provides CFI companies with the initial knowledge base and framework to understand the key elements of implementing large-scale cocoa agroforestry programs. This includes a working definition for CFI reporting purposes, which is subject to change if more stringent national regulations are passed.