Climate damage caused by Russian War in Ukraine in 24 months

With Russia’s war in Ukraine ongoing, GHG emissions continue to grow. This 4th assessment concludes that emissions have increased to 175 million tCO2e.

Climate damage caused by Russia’s war in Ukraine now covers two years of war. Some highlights of our findings:

  • War emissions increased to 175 million tCO2e, the equivalent of putting 90 million new petrol cars on the road or building 260 coal-fired power unit of 200 MW each
  • New methodology to attribute landscape fires to war activities in cooperation with the Regional Eastern Europe Fire Monitoring Centre (National University of Life and Environmental Science of Ukraine) and the Ukrainian Hydrometeorological Institute
  • Inclusion of SF6 emissions, the most potent greenhouse gas that exists.
  • Updated social cost of carbon, based on peer-reviewed literature published in Nature, bringing the total climate damage to over 32 billion USD.

The findings were presented Thursday 13 June during the Ukraine’s Climate Dialogue, a side event in the context of the Ukraine Recovery Conference 2024 in Berlin.

Access the full report here.