Carbon Mechanisms Review 02-2023: Scaling Climate Action

Image: Producing Cook Stoves, Source:,

Carbon Mechanisms Review 02-2023 included the article ‘Challenges for Clean Cooking Programs under Article 6’ written by Randall Spalding-Fecher and Hilda Galt. 

“Under the Paris Agreement, all Parties must set climate change targets and communicate progress towards these targets in their Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs). Parties that set targets to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions need to track progress towards achieving these targets via national GHG inventories under the enhanced transparency framework of the Paris Agreement. To be able to track progress, it is therefore essential that any mitigation activities implemented are visible in the country’s GHG inventory covering the scope of its NDC. However, some mitigation activities may not be visible in a country’s national GHG inventory if the method used to calculate the inventory is not sufficiently granular. This issue – termed ‘inventory visibility’ – is especially relevant for international carbon markets, where the methods used to calculate emission reductions from a single project or program of activities are different to those used to develop a national GHG inventory.”