Article 6 readiness in NDCs and NDC Implementation Plans

International collaboration through Article 6 of the Paris Agreement can support countries to meet their NDC targets and raise mitigation ambition. Although the ‘Rulebook’ for the implementation of Article 6 has not yet been adopted, countries have started to prepare for and pilot Article 6 collaboration. This study supports countries and other stakeholders to understand how they can enhance ‘readiness’ for future Article 6 collaboration in their NDCs and NDC implementation plans, alongside three dimensions:

  • The development of an Article 6 strategy and guiding principles to ensure an inclusive and holistic approach to Article 6 collaboration;
  • Having in place a governance and institutional framework with the technical capacities needed to implement Article 6 as well as track, account for and report on how this contributes to the country’s NDC;
  • Developing a monitoring infrastructure for tracking, accounting and reporting on the transfer of mitigation outcomes.

This study was prepared in collaboration with Perspectives Climate Group for the Swedish Energy Agency, and launched at the Asia-Pacific Climate Week on Wednesday 7 July 2021.