Article 6 Readiness Blueprint

Member countries of the West African sub-region and beyond can use the Article 6 Readiness Blueprint as a guide and reference document to support the development of national Article 6 strategies for market-based cooperation. The Blueprint will support member countries in mapping stakeholders, understanding and addressing capacity and technical needs for the development of an Article 6 strategy.

It explains the requirements of the UNFCCC Article 6 rulebook in an implementation-oriented manner along four Article 6 readiness building blocks:

  1. NDC alignment;
  2. Article 6 policy;
  3. institutional framework; and
  4. reporting/tracking.

Using the Blueprint as a capacity resource, countries’ can plan and adapt their Article 6 groundworks to national contexts and priorities.

We developed this work with Perspectives Climate Group and with support from the Alliance Secretariat and Coordinator.

[Image by Cooperazione under CC BY-SA 3.0.]