Sun in the City

Seeing is believing: that’s the idea behind our Sun in the City initiative (“Zon in de Stad” in Dutch) that encourages city dwellers to power their houses and apartments with solar panels. In small towns across Europe, rooftop solar panels spread quickly when people get inspired by the panels on their neighbor’s roofs. That’s however not the case in many cities, where solar panels on rooftops often cannot be seen from the street. Sun in the City is bringing the “neighbor mechanism” from the countryside to the city.

As a first step, Sun in the City is distributing little shields that owners and users of solar panels can attach to their doorposts to show neighbors and passers-by that there are solar panels on the roof. People interested in solar panels will find it easier to connect with neighbors and get first-hand information and learn about their experiences.

Secondly, a number of solar hubs installed in streets, parks and squares offers the benefits of solar power directly to everyone passing by. The solar hubs provide charging facilities for phones and electric bikes, internet hotspots or light art at night. A solar hub invites people to make use of the public space, connects neighbors and makes them experience the positive impact of solar power together.

Finally, technical and practical information made available in the neighborhoods will further support local residents’ enhanced enthusiasm for solar energy.

Sun in the City is piloted and launched in Rotterdam. It is an initiative of Climate Focus and Personal Architecture and is supported by the City of Rotterdam and the Province of South Holland.

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