Platform for Information and Dialogue in the Colombian Amazon (PID) update

During 2017 the PID project continued to progress successfully towards its objective. PID organized six capacity building workshops on topics such as sustainable cattle ranching in the Amazon region and youth involvement in climate action. PID also organized 10 multi-stakeholder meetings on topics such as Forest Management Plans, the impact of the Colombian post-conflict scenario and infrastructure development in Amazon deforestation. PID also published more than 60 articles on topics from the conclusions of COP23 and its impacts on deforestation policies, local farmer markets led by women in Caquetá and the challenges of infrastructure for the Amazon. It also released more than 30 podcasts on its own PID radio station featuring interviews with actors in the Amazon region, including local project leaders, youth activists and government officials, concerning issues ranging from the indigenous component of the Amazon Vision Program, the importance of youth collectives to raise environmental awareness, and local experience of implementing sustainable cattle systems, as well as discussing their efforts to stop deforestation and generate environmental awareness in the region.

Furthermore, the PID supports and disseminates results from various initiatives in the region. One such initiative is “Amazonia Emprendedora”, whose objective is to raise awareness of the potential green businesses in the region by organizing a 370km walk in Caquetá and Putumayo, Colombia’s Piedmont region. The PID team will be joining the walk to raise awareness and support businesses with their aim to develop sustainable practices to conserve the Amazon forest.