Gold Standard registration and verification of the Indonesia Domestic Biogas PoA

The Indonesia Domestic Biogas Programme is an initiative of Hivos and SNV. Closely working with the Indonesian Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, the programme is being implemented by Yayasan Rumah Energi with funds made available by EnDev, the Norwegian Embassy and partners in promoting access to a modern and sustainable form of renewable energy for rural people. The overall development objective of the programme is to disseminate domestic biodigesters as a local, sustainable energy source through the development of a commercial, market-oriented sector in selected Indonesian provinces.

Before the onset of the programme, targeted households relied on firewood, kerosene and LPG to meet their thermal energy demand for cooking. The reliance on these fuels causes substantial indoor air pollution which can lead to respiratory and eye ailments, especially women and children are particularly at risk. Furthermore, the collection of wood contributes to deforestation which is rampant in Indonesia with a fNRB value of 64.8%.

Biogas technology brings a lot of benefits, including contributing toward eradication of poverty and providing greater food security. IDBP’s approach to this programme will greatly affect health conditions of local communities, open new employment opportunities, and also affect the local economy.

The programme commenced in 2009, and collaboration with Climate Focus started a couple of years later leading up to successful Gold Standard registration in May 2013. Since then, Climate Focus has supported IDBP in pursuing two verifications, leading to issuance of over 80,000 GS VERs. Over 14,000 biodigesters have been installed to date throughout Indonesia, leading to improved cooking conditions for households, lower fuel costs and additional income from the sale of bio-slurry.