Fostering Climate Action through Trade-related Instruments

The project Fostering Climate Action through Trade-related Instruments supports the EU Commission and DG Climate Action to actively engage in trade negotiations and further the EU’s climate goals through its trade policy and agreements. Through this project Climate Focus is leading a diverse team of climate and trade experts – including lawyers, economists and policy specialists – in identifying, prioritizing and developing concrete legal and policy instruments that EU policymakers can use to foster climate action with their trading partners.

The project takes a phased approach. Beginning with an initial scoping analysis that brings into view a wide range of sectors and opportunities for engagement of trade, investment and climate change action, the team goes on to identify specific trade policy instruments that could implement the opportunities identified and conducts a cost-benefit analysis to determine the most promising measures. Following this analysis the team will work with the Commission to identify priority instruments and for each of these combine the identification of delivery strategies in a technical as well as in a political and communication dimension, with the production of support tools to guide EU policymakers and negotiators on advancing measures with partner countries. Finally, the team makes concise recommendations for moving forward in the short, medium and long term.