Climate Focus joins forces with Sinfonía Trópico to raise environmental awareness in Colombia

Sinfonía Trópico is an initiative that aims to raise awareness about the loss of biodiversity and the risks of deforestation and climate change in Colombia through events that combine art and science. It is a platform where arts, such as music, installations, painting, sculpture and theater, along with science, are to bring scientific concepts closer to the community, in a simple and inspiring language.

We draw our energy from art as much as from nature. Both are essential conditions for our existence and survival as human beings.

Urabá, Orinoco, Amazonia, Chocó, Páramos

Sinfonía Trópico has chosen to focus its work in 5 specific regions of Colombia (Urabá, Orinoco, Amazonia, Chocó, Páramos), each characterized by its richness in species and unique ecosystem. In these regions socio-economic changes are latent and this situation has put local communities and the biodiversity of the areas under pressure. At the same time, a complex set of economic interests has further threatened cultural diversity and traditional knowledge.

Biodiversity makes ecosystems resilient and robust. Human diversity sustains development and strengthens societies.

Declining diversity renders both systems vulnerable. It is essential for both nature and mankind! Sinfonía Trópico presents arguments for the protection of biodiversity, because if it decreases both nature and society are vulnerable. The loss is often irreversible.