Climate Focus and partners developing suite of educational materials on carbon taxes

As ever more countries consider adopting carbon taxes, there is an increasing need for strengthening governments’ capacities in comparing policy options and effectively designing and implementing a carbon tax. While there is an increasingly rich body of written publications on the topic – including the Climate Focus-led PMR Carbon Tax Guide – there does not yet exist a comprehensive suite of interactive educational materials aimed at facilitating policymakers and other persons involved in understanding carbon taxes, their design and their implementation.

To fill this gap, Climate Focus is working with the United Nations Institute for Training and Development (UNITAR) and the Gnarly Tree Sustainability Institute to develop a suite of educational materials on carbon taxes. Commissioned by the World Bank’s Partnership for Market Readiness, the materials will include a self-paced e-learning course as well as materials to support multi-day, in-country face-to-face training. Climate Focus will further support the delivery of a pilot face-to-face training in a PMR participant country.