About us

Climate Focus is a pioneering international advisory company committed to the development of policies, methodologies, programmes and projects that mitigate and adapt to the impacts of climate change. Our international and multidisciplinary team works closely with the private sector, governments, non-governmental and multilateral organizations, across a range of sectors including renewable energy, forestry, agriculture, waste, transport, and energy efficiency.

We provide independent advice that is relevant for today’s decision-makers, ranging from the conceptual design of global carbon pricing schemes to the concrete development of sustainable investments in land use in Africa and Latin America. Our advice is rooted in a profound knowledge of climate change policies, methodologies, finance, and project development.

Climate Focus was founded in 2004 and has offices in Amsterdam, Berlin and Washington, D.C. as well as representatives in Bogotá. Our team of experts is complemented by a broad and diverse network of in-country and international partners. 

Mission statement

Our mission is to support governments, businesses and non-governmental organizations to develop and implement low-carbon and climate resilient strategies. 

Climate law and policy

Climate Focus has extensive experience assessing international and national law and policy. We assist governments, international organizations and NGOs in crafting policies to ensure an effective, efficient response to climate change. Our international team of lawyers, economists and policy analysts is actively engaged with the global climate change negotiations. We advise on climate change policies in a variety of sectors, including agriculture, energy, forestry, industry, health, transport and urban development. (Photo Copyright: Bamshad Houshyani)

Climate finance

Climate Focus advises governments and businesses on accessing, allocating and deploying mitigation and adaptation finance. In doing so, our team draws on almost two decades of experience in operationalizing carbon finance mechanisms, in structuring carbon transactions, and assessing mitigation impacts of projects, programs and policies. Our services range from resource mobilization and allocation of public finance to project finance and the development of sustainable business models. 

Monitoring and evaluation

Climate Focus is successfully developing monitoring protocols and manages complex reporting and verification processes for greenhouse gas mitigation projects, programs and national policies. We cover a wide range of technologies and scales. In supporting our clients to meet their greenhouse gas monitoring needs, we have introduced standardized data collection approaches to make measuring efforts transparent and cost-effective while not compromising environmental integrity. We establish sectoral, regional and standardized baselines in order to streamline monitoring processes.

Land use

A recognized leader in advising on forestry, agriculture, and other land-use policies and implementation, Climate Focus provides clients with a suite of comprehensive services regarding international and national policy analysis and design, country-level planning and implementation advice, and project development. Our land-use team works extensively for public and private sector partners on strategies for mitigation climate change in agriculture, design and implementation of forestry policies, land tenure and carbon rights. We also develop business models addressing drivers of deforestation. (Photo Copyright: Franziska Haupt)


Climate Focus has a long-standing involvement in the renewable energy sector. We utilize our recognized broad expertise to support renewable energy and energy efficiency projects and research around the globe from micro-systems for households to hydropower plants and windfarms. We carry out policy studies, develop monitoring protocols, carry out due diligence on contracts and projects and link reality with carbon finance instruments and carbon market mechanisms. We work extensively on supporting businesses in small-scale energy appliances in developing countries. These include domestic biogas, solar home systems, solar lanterns and energy efficient cookstoves. (Photo Copyright: Bamshad Houshyani)