Associate Senior Consultant

Stephanie Roe

Stephanie Roe is an associate senior consultant at Climate Focus. Her expertise includes land change science and policy, tropical forestry and ecology, and climate-smart agriculture. At Climate Focus, she works with various government agencies, multilateral organizations and the private sector on research, policy design and field implementation of interventions that address climate change, ecosystem conservation, development and food security. Her work has encompassed land use planning and investment models, agriculture strategies, environmental and social safeguards and commodity supply chains. 

Prior to joining Climate Focus, Stephanie worked with the United Nations to implement a program on reducing deforestation in Indonesia’s pilot province, Central Kalimantan. She has also negotiated international climate policy as a Delegate for the Philippine  Delegation to the UNFCCC, and was a consultant to the Public Ministry in Brazil on ecosystem service valuation and climate change legislation. Prior to that, Stephanie advised Fortune 500 companies and cities on sustainability initiatives and climate policies as a Program Manager with The Climate Group in New York. 

Stephanie is an outdoors enthusiast and enjoys scuba diving, mountaineering, rock climbing, and cyclocross biking. 

Stephanie is currently completing a PhD (Environmental Sciences) at the University of Virginia, and holds degrees from Duke University (MEM in Ecosystem Science) and San Diego State University (BA in International Business).

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