Communications Specialist

Sara Cottle

Sara is the communications specialist at Climate Focus.

Prior to joining the team at Climate Focus, Sara worked with Exposure Labs, a film and impact production company responsible for films such as ‘Chasing Ice’, ‘Chasing Coral’, and ‘The Social Dilemma’, where she was able to focus on the local and global community impact a film could have after its initial release through campaigns, communications, and events. Sara also spent time with the Smithsonian Science Education Center working on science education modules that aligned with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and incorporated podcasting as a means of scientific communication. 

Sara holds an MA degree (Environmental Journalism) from the University of Colorado Boulder where she was able to nurture her passions in land use, environmental history, and sustainability and a BS degree (PR and Strategic Communications) from West Virginia University. In her spare time, Sara enjoys making music mixes, cycling and paddling the Washington, D.C. area, and participating as and supporting women photojournalists through a local organization.

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