Martin Jaramillo

Martin Jaramillo is an Analyst at Climate Focus, his current work focuses on land use and climate change with a regional focus on Latin America and the Caribbean. He is currently advising government and corporate clients on planning and implementing integrated landscape programmes to reduce deforestation and foster sustainable supply chains. In particular, zero-deforestation initiatives and jurisdictional approaches.

Martin has wide experience in applied research in conservation, land management and agriculture. Before joining Climate Focus he worked for ICF. There, he supported the development of capacity building programs to strengthen greenhouse gas Measurement, Reporting and Verification Systems. Previously he worked as a researcher for different academic institutions including the National University of Colombia, the University of Sheffield, and the São Pablo State University, where he conducted applied research in the land use and conservation field.

Martin holds a MSc degree in Sustainability Management from Columbia University and a BSc in Agricultural Engineering from the National University of Colombia.


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