Senior Consultant

Leo Mongendre

Leo Mongendre is a climate finance consultant at Climate Focus with a background in renewable energy technologies and specific experience in project management, analytics and solar photovoltaics. His areas of expertise include monitoring and methodologies, in particular smart monitoring tools. Leo also has knowledge and experience in small-scale energy systems.

Prior to joining Climate Focus, Leo worked in Benin on the implementation of solar and biogas technologies. He moved on to Tanzania where he worked with solar (PV and thermal) and small-scale hydropower technologies. He assisted the team on the ground with construction and strategy regarding biogas as well as in the development of ‘bottom of the pyramid’ energy products (efficient mud stoves and solar boxes). He was a technical analyst at a major UK solar PV firm and he has just completed a research assignment on the competitiveness of decentralised energy technologies with ETH Zürich. In his free time, Leo enjoys photography, sipping coffee and outdoor adventures (hiking, long-distance cycling and wild camping).

Leo holds degrees from Imperial College London (MSc in Sustainable Energy Futures) and the University of Poitiers (MSc in Material Engineering for Renewable Energies and Environment).

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