Associate Senior Consultant

Egbert Liese

Egbert Liese is an associate senior consultant at Climate Focus. He works with companies to develop and generate new business opportunities. He is also project manager for climate finance in the financial sector.

Egbert is one of the early carbon market pioneers and has been actively engaged in this sector for over 14 years. Egbert has significant experience in managing large carbon procurement projects. Previously, he was Managing Director and Principal Portfolio Manager at Natsource, where he raised and managed a EUR 130 million fund. Before joining Natsource, Egbert was responsible for originating, structuring and managing transactions at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD). Prior to this, he held several management positions in the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, where he acted as deputy manager of the program, known for the execution of two procurement tender-based programs, ERUPT and CERUPT. During the last 14 years, Egbert has regularly participated in dissemination, on-the-job training and other capacity building activities in host countries.

Egbert holds a degree from the University of Amsterdam (MA in international economic relations with a focus on international environmental policy and corporate finance).

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