Sun in the City and the Solar Hub

Sun in the City and the Solar Hub

This summer, our Sun in the City project takes on the streets and parks of Rotterdam. As part of our campaign to promote solar energy in the city we have built a Solar Hub: a mobile pavilion with solar panels providing free solar energy. 

The Solar Hub will allow passersby to charge their phones, cool down using one of the solar-powered ventilators, or enjoy sustainable popcorn. Meanwhile our team will be around to inform interested visitors about the potential of solar energy and answer questions related to the installation and use of solar panels. 

Solar energy in Rotterdam
The Solar Hub is part of the Sun in the City project, which aims to increase the visibility of solar panels in Rotterdam. According to Natuur en Milieu, Rotterdam currently produces the lowest amount of solar energy per citizen compared to other cities in the Netherlands. 

As in many other large cities, the high-rise buildings of Rotterdam hamper the visibility of solar panels. By increasing awareness of the potential of solar energy in the city, the project intends to boost the use of solar energy in Rotterdam. The Solar Hub brings the topic of solar energy into the public sphere and allows for the dissemination of information within neighbourhoods. 

Sun in the City is an initiative of Climate Focus, Personal Architecture and HilgersomDeen duurzaam, supported by the City of Rotterdam and the Province of South Holland.

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