Rotterdam Climate Call for Action

Rotterdam Climate Call for Action

Politicians and representatives of the Climate Call for Action-coalition present their commitments to climate action

In the run-up to the city council elections in March this year, 63 businesses and organizations in Rotterdam have endorsed the Rotterdam Climate Call for Action. They  deliver a common message: the city of Rotterdam must speed up the energy transition and fully commit to becoming a sustainable and circular city. To realize the transition, both the private and public sector have a crucial role to play. Through the Climate Call for Action, Climate Focus brings together businesses and politics, aiming to create momentum to make climate action a central theme on the political agenda, and to explore how government and businesses can support each other for a successful energy transition. 

Rotterdam, the second-largest city in the Netherlands with a population of over 600,000, hosts Europe’s largest port. Together, the city and the Port of Rotterdam are responsible for one-fifth of the Dutch GHG emissions.

On 25 January, the Climate Call for Action was presented to the Mayor of Rotterdam, Mr. Aboutaleb. Later that day, the leaders of local political parties engaged with the private sector during a debate focusing on the question, "How do we transform Rotterdam into a sustainable city?’. All political parties present shared the view that it is in the interest of the people of Rotterdam to accelerate the energy transition.

In the weeks leading up to the elections, working closely with the Climate Call for Action coalition, Climate Focus will continue to spark debate on climate action in Rotterdam. After the elections, elected politicians will need to “put their money where their mouth is” and make climate action the central theme in decision making and local policies.

The text and signatories of the Rotterdam Climate Call for Action can be accessed here (in Dutch).