Preview key findings of 2020 NYDF Assessment at the GLF Biodiversity Conference

Preview key findings of 2020 NYDF Assessment at the GLF Biodiversity Conference

As part of #GLFBiodiversity Digital conference, Climate Focus will be co-hosting the session, “For forests’ sake: Transforming extractive industries and infrastructure to achieve NYDF Goal 3,” which will take place this Thursday, Oct. 29 at 15.15-16.45 CET. NYDF Goal 3 is to significantly reduce deforestation derived from economic sectors like mining, other extractive industries, and infrastructure by 2020. The session is organized by the NYDF Global Platform and the NYDF Assessment Partners, of which Climate Focus acts as the secretariat. 

The New York Declaration on Forests (NYDF) is a non-binding international agreement comprised of ten ambitious goals that jointly aim to halt natural forest loss by 2030, contributing to global climate and biodiversity goals as well as the SDGs. The NYDF Assessment tracks global progress towards the ten NYDF Goals, and the NYDF Global Platform supports the achievement of these goals.

The conference session will heighten awareness of the compounding threats to forests from large-scale infrastructure development and natural resource extraction, and the relative lack of transparency and accountability in these sectors. An expert panel will reflect on the shortfalls in achieving NYDF Goal 3 thus far, the barriers to progress faced by different actors, and lessons learned from actions and policies to address the issue. The session will also preview key findings from November’s 2020 NYDF Progress Assessment of Goals 3&4, which will be released in November. Furthermore, the discussion will highlight the need to safeguard rights of Indigenous Peoples and local communities; to build incentives for responsible investment and sourcing; and to reshape the NYDF and international commitments to accelerate change.

A group of expert panelists will address the following key questions:

1. How can transparency and accountability in natural resource extraction and infrastructure development facilitate the conservation and sustainable use of forests landscapes and the rights of their resident forest communities?

2. How can governments, companies, and investors be compelled to adhere to existing policies and safeguards, intended to protect forests and respect the territorial rights of Indigenous Peoples and local communities, when it comes to development planning?

3. How can consumer-side incentives help internalize the true cost of mining and infrastructure development and encourage responsible practices and equitable distribution of the benefits?

4. What are the key transformations are needed in our financial and economic systems that are crucial to preserve forests and biodiversity, combat climate change, and achieve the SDGs?

5. In response to the critical need to accelerate climate action post-2020, how can the NYDF and other declarations and commitments be reshaped to facilitate radical transformation, as we seek to halt a disastrous global collapse of ecosystems?

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