Climate Focus nominated for Dutch European Movement ‘EuroNederlander’ Award

Climate Focus nominated for Dutch European Movement ‘EuroNederlander’ Award

The European Movement in the Netherlands has nominated Climate Focus for the Dutch European Movement ‘EuroNederlander’ Award. This is a yearly prize for individuals and organisations that have contributed extraordinarily to the European cause and to the debate on Europe in the Netherlands. 

The jury report explained that, “Climate Focus is a sympathetic think tank that succeeds in making complex subjects accessible locally and that succeeds in connecting social and technical innovation. Their commitment to the Rotterdam Sun in the City initiative is an example of how a complex subject is translated into measures that people can take themselves, in streets and neighbourhoods. With all knowledge in technical fields such as carbon market infrastructure or international climate legislation, Climate Focus is not afraid to keep thinking about how such themes work out in the daily lives of people. Europe needs such 'translators' and innovators in order to tackle the big climate challenges.”

Whereas the jury has selected the five nominees, it is up to the public to determine who will be the winner of this award. The winner will be announced on 19 December 2018. 

You can cast your vote here.

More information on the nominees can be found here.