Climate Focus and partners collaborate to develop energy transition planning tool

Climate Focus and partners collaborate to develop energy transition planning tool

London SkyCyle. Photograph: Foster and Partners

London SkyCycle. Photograph: Foster and Partners

Climate Focus and partners are launching a service aimed at jump-starting and managing clean energy transition. Towns and cities globally are facing enormous challenges in operationalizing the Paris Agreement. As an example, for the Netherlands this means transitioning away from the use of natural gas, oil and coal to a mere 5 – 10 percent of what it is now in just 30 years. All houses are to become energy neutral or better still, be capable of producing energy. Transport is going to be less, smarter and cleaner at the same time. And, by creating a sustainable circular economy, waste will be eliminated.

The big questions we now ask ourselves are: how long is the road to Paris, where do we start, how do we engage and involve citizens and companies? What can a town achieve by itself and by working together with other towns? How can a town apply its funds in the most effective and cost efficient way, and how can energy transition plans create job opportunities and enrich the well-being of citizens at the same time?

There are tools and data galore in the field, so many in fact that it becomes hard to choose where to start. Even so, tools for planning the energy transition, managing and reporting progress remain scarce. Similarly, the capacity constraints commonly faced by most towns and local governments have not been explicitly addressed yet.

Climate Focus, Sustainability Services and Studio Wolfpack have joined forces to help towns become active players and accelerate the energy transition. We are developing “And Paris”, a planning tool designed to empower towns and local governments to take action for themselves and, as the name suggests, to keep moving forward on the road to Paris. The service will be launched in the Netherlands in the course of the year.