Land Use Consultant

Tatiana LeGrand

Tatiana LeGrand is a land use consultant at Climate Focus. Her work is dedicated to agriculture and land use change topics. Tatiana has experience in a wide range of sustainable development work, including research, project management, monitoring and evaluation, and community development.

Prior to joining Climate Focus, Tatiana worked as a consultant for the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. At the FAO, she worked on means to improve the sustainability of livestock production systems and conducted an assessment of the ecosystem services provided by animal genetic resources. Tatiana spent some time in Tajikistan with a small NGO where she led community recovery activities, capacity building and advocacy work on women’s rights. She also conducted a stakeholder analysis related to agricultural sustainability, smallholder farmers’ productivity and income, and reducing food waste and loss for the Community for Zero Hunger initiative. Early on in her career, she worked in market research focusing on sustainability issues of business development. Tatiana spends her free time exploring the outdoors, hiking, dancing flamenco and enjoying art.

Tatiana holds degrees from the University of Göttingen (PhD in agriculture) and the University of Kiel (MSc in environmental management). She graduated from the Russian State University of Trade and Economics in Moscow (BA and MA in Global Economic Studies). 

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