Sustainable agribusiness initiative to reduce deforestation in Colombia

Sustainable agribusiness initiative to reduce deforestation in Colombia

Supported by the International Climate Initiative (ICI) of the German Government (ICI), this project focuses on the development of appropriate and viable business models to restore degraded pastures into more productive landscapes that effectively mitigate GHG emissions by reducing pressure on standing forests and enhancing carbon stocks in production systems in Colombia. For this purpose, the project team is assessing, conceptualizing and implementing a model that blends: 

(a) intensification of cattle production on a reduced area;
(b) introduction of forestry and/or agroforestry systems; and
(c) restoration of gallery forests and riparian buffers.

Through this approach, inefficient cattle ranching systems can be replaced with a more productive land use model that increases productivity of cattle on a reduced area, produces additional timber and non-timber products, improves soils, diversifies farm income, generates employment away from the forest frontier, enhances carbon stocks, reduces erosion and runoff into rivers, and enhances biodiversity, thereby contributing directly to mitigation and adaptation ambitions expressed in Colombia's NCD (Intended Nationally Determined Contribution) to the UNFCCC.

Release Date

February 2017

Team Members

Juan Pablo Castro
Senior Manager Latin America
Simon König
Executive Director North America