Reducing greenhouse emissions from beef production and consumption

Reducing greenhouse emissions from beef production and consumption

The need to promote initiatives aimed at eliminating deforestation from the beef supply chain is key to meeting the goals of the Paris Agreement, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and those formulated under the New York Declaration of Forests (NYDF).  In response, Climate Focus is currently working on a project that will provide an analysis of the climate, environmental and socio-economic impacts of beef production and consumption compared with other animal and non-animal food sources. The project, which is supported by the Climate and Land Use Alliance (CLUA), assesses and seeks to recommend a range of strategic options that can help reduce the global production and consumption of beef to optimal levels.

Release Date

December 2016

Team Members

Charlotte Streck
Co-founder and Director
Haseebullah Bakhtary
Climate Change Consultant
Katharina Behm
Land Use Consultant
Darragh Conway
Senior Legal Consultant
Franziska Haupt
Senior Land Use Consultant
Tatiana LeGrand
Land Use Consultant
Stephanie Roe
Senior Land Use Consultant