26 September 2017

Commodities and Forests Agenda 2020 launched by the Tropical Forest Alliance 2020

We are delighted to announce that this report is now available. Published to coincide with Climate Week NYC 2017, the report proposes a set of priorities to address commodity-driven deforestation.
25 September 2017

Additionality under Article 6 - a new beginning or ghosts of the past?

Defining additionality under the new mechanism of Article 6.4 will be crucial in determining whether if any or which of these programmes will get what, and how.
05 February 2017

Climate Focus to attend the Africa Finance & Investment Forum (AFIF) in Nairobi, Kenya, 13 - 16 February, 2017

Under our USAID Climate Smart Agriculture project, Climate Focus will be attending AFIF 2017, a business platform that aims to strengthen entrepreneurship and promote access to finance in Africa.
31 January 2017

Climate Focus COP 22 Briefing Note

This recently published Climate Focus briefing note on COP 22 in Marrakech provides a brief overview of developments in the areas of mitigation, finance and market mechanisms and REDD+.
28 November 2016

Climate Focus carries out study on standardized crediting framework for scaling up energy access programs

Climate Focus is pleased to announce the publication of this study prepared with Carbon Limits which explores new approaches for scaling up energy access initiatives.
15 November 2016

PRESS RELEASE - Ministerial Forest Event - COP 22 Tues 15 November at 5.30pm

Global, national, and civil society leaders and Ministers worldwide joined together today at a high-level event to announce the range of forest actions that are advancing global climate goals.
07 November 2016

Will carbon pricing emerge in Africa as well?

Sandra Greiner of Climate Focus contributes an article on emerging carbon pricing schemes in Africa together with Andrew Howard and two African co-authors in the latest IETA GHG Report 2016/17.
07 November 2016

COP 22 Africa Pavilion, Wednesday 09.11.2016 18:00-19:30, Salle 1

Please join us at our side-event "Realizing African NDCs through linking the Paris Agreement's Article 6 with climate finance" along with joint organizers AERA and Perspectives.
07 November 2016

Prospects for Africa's CDM activities under the Paris Agreement

Climate Focus has published its pre-COP 22 policy brief evaluating the impact of the existing CDM pipeline on the ongoing Article 6 negotiations.
03 November 2016

JUST RELEASED: Progress on the New York Declaration on Forests - Eliminating Deforestation from the Production of Agricultural Commodities Goal 2 Assessment Report

Climate Focus is pleased to announce the publication of the latest Progress on the New York Declaration on Forests reports.
25 October 2016

Climate Focus support EAC negotiators in their COP 22 preparation

Climate Focus joined forces with partner Carbon Africa to organize a pre-COP 22 negotiation support meeting held on 17-18 October in Entebbe, Uganda aimed at supporting East African negotiators.
20 October 2016

Charlotte Streck presents new report published on Emissions Trading Registries

Charlotte Streck presents the new "Emissions Trading Registries' report, co-authored by Climate Focus and a team of experts on October 17, 2016 to the audience of a PMR meeting in Hanoi.
29 September 2016

Climate Focus announces the release of its latest publication, Linking the Clean Development Mechanism with the Green Climate Fund: Models for scaling up mitigation action

In response to the increasing importance for policymakers and project developments to link the Green Climate Fund (GCF) and Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), the study examines six specific models.
11 September 2016

Time to come to grips with double counting

Double counting can occur in multiple forms and, unless properly dealt with, risks compromising the environmental integrity of the climate regime by distorting actual greenhouse emissions achieved.
11 September 2016

Negotiations on cooperative mechanisms (Article 6)

The Paris Agreement establishes a new set of mechanisms for voluntary cooperation between countries. Binding these approaches together is the overarching goal of Article 6.1.
11 September 2016

Climate Focus prepares second edition of the New York Declaration on Forests (NYDF) Assessment Report

Climate Focus is currently working on the second edition of the New York Declaration on Forests (NYDF) Progress Assessment Report, set to be released in early November 2016.
25 August 2016

Lecture and Sinfonía Trópico book launch event

On August 24, Charlotte Streck hosted the Sinfonía Trópico book launch event in Bogotá, Colombia and gave a lecture on European and German climate policy.
27 June 2016

Join us at the African Carbon Forum 2016 28-30 June in Kigali, Rwanda

Climate Focus is looking forward to intense and fruitful discussions at the African Carbon Forum 2016. Join us at our Side Event on June 28, 2016 from 17:30-18:30, in the Marenga room, Bamboo Lodge
17 May 2016

Meet us at the Carbon Expo 2016 in Cologne (25 - 27 May 2016)

Climate Focus is pleased to present itself at the Carbon Expo 2016 in Cologne. You can meet our team in the German Pavilion.
17 May 2016

Bonn Climate Change Conference SBI 44 (16 - 26 May 2016)

Sandra Greiner, Szymon Mikolajczjk and Tobias Hunzai will be participating in the SBI meeting in Bonn and will be happy to see you there to discuss ongoing or future collaborations.
04 May 2016

Climate Focus announces its latest publication entitled The Paris Agreement: A New Beginning

Climate Focus is pleased to announce its latest publication which presents a critical assessment of the Paris Agreement adopted under the UNFCCC.
16 March 2016

Climate Focus announces development of a Platform for Information, Dialogue and Coordination (PID) in support of the Colombian Government's Amazon Vision Program

Climate Focus and partners will work together to implement a Platform for Information, Dialogue and Coordination (PID) in support of the Colombian Government's Amazon Vision program 'Vision Amazonía'.